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Enjoy an endless summers tan without having to sacrifice your skin to the harsh sun rays.  This treatment commences with a full body dry brush massage which exfoliates, stimulates and increases circulation in the skin.  Warm, essential oil infused towels are then compressed onto the body, removing any excess dead skin.  A thorough application of organic tanning creme is applied to provide a natural glow to the skin!  This treatment is perfect before an event, during the winter, or just to keep your golden glow longer.  This treatment includes a complimentary dry brush to take home after your treatment.


Spring/Summer Features


Restore your skin back to optimal health with a nourishing full body treatment designed to soothe and heal. A succulent infused gel wrap, featuring stone crop and aloe, will cool and calm inflammation restoring comfort and hydration. Feel the tension melt away with a relaxing scalp and facial massage while the natural ingredients work their magic. The treatment concludes with an all over application of a silky soft soothing lotion which will reduce redness in the skin and promote cell regeneration for faster healing. This treatment includes a Rosehip Lemongrass Soothing Hydrator for optimal skin healing at home! ($58 retail)



Invigorate your skin and senses with a luxurious mineral salt and raw sugar polish that will resurface and refine leaving you feeling completely revitalized. Your body will then be wrapped like a cocoon while a succulent infused gel body wrap works to re-hydrate, brighten and heal from head to toe. A combination of soothing body oil and contouring body cream is applied to complete your rejuvenating body wrap. This treatment includes the Eminence Organics Stone Crop Contouring Body Cream and Revitalizing Body Scrub to take home for a truly results driven treatment ($140 retail value).