Boost Your treatment

Orgaid Organic Sheet Masque (available in 3 different options) $10

  • Anti-Aging & Moisturizing
  • Greek Yogurt & Nourishing
  • Vitamin C & Revitalizing

Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Treatment $15

LED Light therapy Spot Treatment $20

NuFace Microcurrant Treatment $20


Skin Care

Here at Blush & Black, we pride ourselves in providing a unique facial experience that not only offers amazing results, but leaves you feeling completely pampered and relaxed.  Our facials go beyond just applying a white masque, they take you on a journey.  Using Eminence Organic Skin Care products in all of our treatments, you will be transported from fresh fields of strawberries, to sandy beaches with exotic coconut.  You will never experience the same facial twice.  With treatments ranging from 30 minutes to 75 minutes, and the ability to customize with our boosters and enhancements, you can create your very own signature treatment!


Enhance Your experience

Foot Soak, Scrub and Massage $20

Eco-Fin Hand Treatment $10

Eco-Fin Foot Treatment $10


A fully customizable skincare treatment that will take you on a sensory journey with the smells of fresh fruit, flowers, herbs and vegetables. Offering a selection of products to suit every skin type, our Classic Treatment will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized and relaxed.



Looking to achieve maximum results, without having to give hours of your time? Our Mini Treatment can focus on your main concerns in a short amount of time. Ideal for those looking who regularly take care of their skin at home and just need a professional boost or anyone with a limited amount of time.



All the benefits of our 60 minute treatment with an additional 15 minutes of pure bliss!  Enjoy the yummy benefits of an additional treatment masque as well as extra massage!




Designed to seduce the sense and resurface the skins texture, your whole body will be left feeling refreshed, refined and richly hydrated.  The perfect way to ditch the winter blues or welcome the sunshine, the sweet scent of mangosteen and coconut will take you on a tropical journey to the sunny south.  This treatment features a 10% lactic acid professional facial peel which will gently smooth the skin while removing impurities and minimizing pores.  Your entire body will be treated with a luxurious coconut and raw organic cane sugar exfoliation, followed by a full body wrap with pineapple enzyme and lactic acid for a  toning and firming effect.



Reverse the signs of aging with the Age Corrective Ultra Collection from Eminence Organic Skin Care. With a long list of active botanical ingredients including Hibiscus Seed Extract Peptides, Stevia Extract, Ice Wine Active, Acacia, and Caffeine, your skin will look and feel smoother, firmer and younger. Enjoy a relaxing, cool jade lymphatic massage for additional firming and tightening benefits.  Includes a 5 min NuFace Microcurrant treatment.



As we sleep, our skin goes into a rest and repair mode where potent ingredients can work effectively on the deeper layers of the skin. Products featuring the Anti-Aging Stem Cell complex, are able to dramatically improve the foundation of our skin, repairing damage caused by free-radicals. Feel improvement in yours skins hydration, elasticity and tone, providing the best anti-aging results.